The "Fox & Friends" co-hosts were joined on Friday by pickpocket expert Bob Arno, who shared some helpful tips on how to spot and stop street thieves.

Every year, tens of thousands of people are pickpocketed, and Arno showed just how easily it can happen...

First, he swiped Pete Hegseth's lip balm...

And then his phone!

A "Fox & Friends" fan was invited on set, only to unknowingly have his watch taken right off his wrist!

Arno explained that many thieves are opportunists will lift unsecured items, sometimes creating a distraction to do so.

He said women should hold their bags high and tight against their bodies, which makes them more difficult for potential pickpockets to access.

Arno also recommended that people secure their cell phones, keeping them in a pocket as opposed to holding them in public.

He explained that it's increasingly common for thieves to drive by on a scooter, rip phones right from people's hands and speed away.

As for which pocket to use to secure a phone or wallet, Arno said it should be the tightest pocket.

"If you have, like I have here, a loose pocket. It's very easy. If it's tight jeans, [it's] hard," Arno said. "They look at you, they look for what we call the print of the money."

Watch the "Fox & Friends" segment above.

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